I originally did this blog as a part of my Online media class at Texas State University.  I have never had a blog before, so I enjoyed the opportunity to learn something new.  The intention of my blog, as I state in the first post, was to help struggling artists.  I hope I have not fallen short in doing that task.  

This link is to a “how to” on tattooing^

I found that the video and slideshow portions of WordPress have an unique ability to catch the reader’s eye.  Creating blog posts with original videos and photos was my personal favorite feature in WordPress.  I think a blog should have the most current videos and photos in order to keep the reader up-to-date.  Lazy information and unwanted facts are not very useful tools when it comes to blogging.

This blog will add to my resume in ways I didn’t realize at the start of the course.  I have learned how to keep my readers engaged.  I also learned how to use technology better in order to reach my fanbase.  This will be my last blog post of the year thank everyone for your support!



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