The Basics of Tattoos

Sorry for the hectic first part of the video, but this is a great  example of how to shade a rose.  The strokes he uses over light and dark areas are the key.  The artist is this video repeats his stroke 3 or 4 times over dark areas.  Also, applying pressure is an essential part of tattooing.  The artist in this video deepens his strokes over the darker parts of the tattoo.  Good line work and attention to detail allow the roses to look more believable.


This tattoo is a great example of the use of texture.  Shading and texture are very complimentary to one another.  The effective use of different shades of color allow the artist to manipulate texture so that the tattoo looks “3D”.  The contrast in colors also enhance the overall beauty of the artwork.  Practice makes perfect in the tattoo profession so stick with it and reintroduce these techniques every time you pick up the pen!


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